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How to order

Simple steps to order :

  1. Browse products
  2. Add to Cart
  3. View your cart
  4. Proceed to Checkout
  5. Sign in to Your Account
  6. Choose Billing, Shipping & Payment options
  7. Confirm Order
  8. Make Payment
  9. Notify Payment to us
  10. Order completed
Your order will be delivered within 1-2 business day

See illustration picture below

STEP 1 : Browse products

Browse product by categories.

Browse Products


 Click on any item to view detailed information of that particular product.



STEP 2 : Add to cart

- Click on "ADD TO CART" to add an item to your Shopping Cart.
- You are able to select the available options (colors,size, style) if any.



STEP 3 : View your cart

- You have the option of whether to "continue shopping" or "edit your cart".
- Continue shopping : repeat the steps above to add as many items as you like.
- View or edit your cart : you may change quantity or remove any item at your shopping cart.


STEP 4 : Proceed to Checkout

- If you have finished shopping, you are ready to checkout.
Click 'Proceed to Checkout' button.
- At any time, you are able to view/complete your order by clicking on 'View Cart' on top left of each page.



STEP 5 : Sign in to Your Account

- If you have already created an account with us previously, you may login to your account.
- If this is the first time you are shopping with us, create a new account.
- Enter your information on the fields provided. Then click on the button go to the next step.


STEP 6 - 7 : Choose Billing, Shipping Payment options & Confirm order

- You are able to edit your billing/shipping address at any time.
- Choose your preffered shipping method option. Then click on 'Continue' button.
- Please review the contents of your order and then choose how you'd like to pay for your order.

- Ensure that all information is correct and then click 'Continue' button to confirm your order.
Yes, your order was sent to us but requires payment before it can be completed.

STEP 8 : Make Payment

Payment must be made immediately.
You will be provided the instructions on how to pay for your order.



STEP 9 : Notification & Order completed

Please let us know after your payment has been completed.
Login to your account, click "View Messages" link under the My Account menu, select order number, enter details of payment  and then click the Send Message button.

OK, Your order completed


Congratulation !  Your order will be delivered within 1-2 business day

"My Account"

Sign up as a member to enjoy personalized services.
From this page you can :

  • Receive and send messages about your order.
  • Update your account details.
  • View your order status and history, including whether it has been shipped, and if so an optional tracking number.
  • You can also print invoices from this page and more...


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